I could put a finger in my eyes, scoop up black oil, or drain out my brain from all these dumb things.

I’m thinking about gasoline & a road trip I’m planning for next summer. It’s hard to plan when your work is scheduling you once a week for 4 hours so your paycheck meets $40 ( criteria right?)

I’m thinking about how I just edited my best friends essay on the water issues in Flint Michigan. I offered to edit her paper without realizing to myself she’s a science major & writing is so different from mine. I’ll give it a try anyway. I could at least help her with a thesis.

There’s water contamination in Flint Michigan. There’s lead in the water & the government doesn’t know how to handle themselves once again or who to listen to. There’s environmental racism and policy being messed with & communities are confused why landfills are being thrown into their homes & why things like black dust is filling up their lungs & their babies & they’re draining their eyes of oil like mine. I live in a city that bleeds pollution & discharge out the SouthEast side. That bleeds across the town. It combines all the smells around me into one in a cloud above my head that doesn’t pour rain anymore but acid. Acid reflex, anxiety, and more people are consuming mass amounts of anxiety because of issues like this and our generation is here to do something but where is that something.

I want to go to Greenland. I want to see inuit villages and the massive glaciers and ice formations that the beautiful island has to give. Has to give now. But methane is oozing out of black holes through the ice and life is detracting five yards a day. And the snow is already falling at Lake Louise, there was a blizzard last night. And the leaves are orange in California. My friend took a photo out her window in her home in San Luis Obispo & it looked like she was in Vermont a month from now.

And because of us hating landfills anywhere that’s marked “human”(because it’s harmful) our first thought as a military base is to ship our shit into the ocean, literally.


We’ve gained a new island between Hawaii & Japan called the ‘trash vortex’ & it’s specialized in 1000 dead albatross with toys from Tennessee in their tummys from 1932.

We’re sitting here in the midwest with prairies all around and soybean fields, corn, GMO corn, gross domestic, gross chemicals & sunsets where we can’t see the sun but we see the colors & those colors are screaming at us to stop.

We’ve found families in the South East side of Chicago that live in an oil stream & we think it’s crazy when China has pollution storms but, when will we know better for our own selves here?


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