Why I Go

I Go For Comfort

  • And no interruptions.

I remember going to Madison more than usual at a point in time, October to March starting with Father John Misty, then Phox and ending with a birthday. I would visit my best friend Karolina who studies music journalism. At first it was genetics then chemistry and now music. When she started off with genetics she wanted to make sure music was a part of her daily life. She found comfort in listening and sharing so she joined the Madison student radio.

Every trip I’ve taken ends up at the station at some point. I remember one night, sitting in an office chair that spins next to the DJ table that also spins. It was two in the morning and the chair moved in circles and I was listening to ‘Ocean Bed’ by King Krule (Zoo Kid, Archy Marshall). There was a tall window to my right that wrapped around the corner of the wall so we could overlook people walking back from parties, study dates, actual dates, and so on. The lights were off indoors so all the light from the outside was giving us a little something in. As I moved in circles my eyes were spinning past Karolina on the floor. She was stretched out and the light coming in followed her forehead to her shoulders to her feet and if a guy was there for her he would be in awe of her lust. She is romance. Her eyes showed her love for listening. And if I was a guy I would fall for her in a heartbeat. ( She knows that already)

We spent days on Lake Mendota, on the docks for the sailing crew. Those docks were special because they lay flat against the water and each miniscule wave that came about, you could feel the ripples pass underneath as we lay down looking at the sky. We were laying down but our legs were over the edge and our feet were in the water. I had tevas on and it was such a funny feeling to have shoes on while splashing about.

I could look across that water and immediately think of trudging across the ice in the winter coming back from the student union and library. It was so windy that night and freezing. I didn’t know how bad it was going to end up being weather wise until I got there and I didn’t bring any winter jacket. Karolina lent me hers. My car got stuck in the bank so I had an extra night to enjoy the snow. Inside the union is a German restaurant and Karolina and I were stuck there for hours that day because the blizzard was so heavy. We got a German pretzel with German mustard and German rootbeer. We later got matcha lattes and hot tea (so much for having money). I was sitting in the union drawing with sharpie all over my arms while Karolina listened to music and our friend was studying for something but I forget what. I ran outside during the blizzard to take some photos but my phone died because it was too cold and my camera had snow covering the lens the first step I took out the door. I remember when we left I hadn’t ever tried so hard to push through any winds like I did that night. Her friends ran onto the lake and we were on the path and it was still snowing so heavy and they were only one hundred feet away or so but it looked like four hundred with the fog. I miss that night.

We spent days on the rocks by Elizabeth Waters. There were no interruptions other than Madison’s heavy sunlight that blinded our eyes. Or when a skateboarder stopped us to talk about an art institute he goes to and asked if we went there too. I wish I could say yes.

We had just finished drinking tea at a coffee shop called “Colectivo”. I ordered an iced tea called “Piccadilly” with a pesto salad on the side. I’m not sure why they called it “Piccadily” because underneath the name it read, “Earl grey tea”. I guess coffee shops do that to make it seem more relevant to a beautiful thing.

We left the coffee shop and were on our way to the station on Johnson. We came across an intersection on a walking path. There weren’t too many people out. Karolina was ahead of me and crossed the “intersection”. I began to follow her, I looked up both ways to make sure no one was walking or biking. There was an older asian man about five feet away. I was completely fine to walk. But as soon as I began to walk he sped up. Next thing I knew was that our legs were physically twisted and he never stopped to let me walk. I was in shock. I’m not saying that’s what I expect from every man but if you’re five feet away I thought it was courtesy to let a woman pass by. His leg went right in between mine as I was taking a step the opposite direction. We were able to get out of our tangled mess and Karolina was staring back at me with the utmost confused/ hysterical face. I broke down in tears of laughter and the older man kept a straight face the entire time, looked back at me, and kept on walking.

At least I’m comfortable in Madison.



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