Season 6, Episode 9

I ask myself what I’m doing once I use my personal hotspot to watch season 6, episode nine of Sex and the City on a Metra train. Not everyone wants to see Miranda’s chicken pox or Miranda seeking out her new lover in bed while Steve (her ex) walks in, runs out, and breaks his nose in the doorway (especially all these business men with their faces glued to their phones….mine is glued to a sex scene). At least this isn’t New York City or I’d be living in a scary inception of being on the same train line as Carrie is tonight. But hey, she is a writer isn’t she?

It’s a different day when I decide to put on some red lipstick. (Crimped my hair because I can ever since my bangs grew out) I drive a red bug, listened to a Queens of the Stone Age album that has a bright red cover. What albums of theirs doesn’t have a bright red cover though? I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw my bright red orgasm lips against the red shades of the car. I’m usually drawn to orange or neutral tones but it feels like a day to be alive when I wear red (only on my lips or nails).

I just walked up to this tennis court to write while two of my best friends play a match of tennis. One is leaving tomorrow for school in California and one is leaving Monday for WOOF. Back in April I told him to look into this ‘World Organization of Organic Farming’. He finally applied and is heading to Lake Superior Monday morning. Bought all his camping gear, tent, sleeping bag, total of $400, not too shabby.

I’ve never been a sports person. Like today for example, I walked onto the court with a shirt that says “Wilco” too long for my shorts. My shorts are too tight ‘cause I’ve definitely gained weight in the front or back. Hopefully the back or else I’ll need a tummy tuck prematurely before we go to Mexico in the winter.

There’s something about long shirts though that make a girls legs look in better shape than they are. Of course it depends on the length of the shirts and the color, and the size… and the texture. But this one does justice. It’s black and from a resale shop so naturally it’s a feel good piece of clothing.

‘Feel good’ is a good term and I’ve been searching out the structure of ‘feel good’ lately. Is feeling good to be okay with the things that aren’t right now? Is ‘feel good’ to feel the natural parts of the day that actually do? Or is ‘feel good’ just those random times that you actually realize it?

I’d say right now, sixty percent of the time I feel pretty good. Sometimes it drops more than usual or is higher more than usual. Right now I’m an eighty five percent ‘feel good’. There’s always a few things I wish were slightly different. But you know what makes up for an okay day or week? Watching Sex and the City season six, episode nine on a Metra train at one in the afternoon because you’ve started your day at least on a pretty good note.


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