I’ve been gone for so long that I had to re-log in, how lame is that.

I thought I’d write a catch up on life since I’m now 20 and have had writers block since March.



  • went to New Jersey/ New York for my two year anniversary. 17 days straight, then the whole summer turned out a lot more of seeing each other than I ever expected which is a great thing in long distance.
  • …I think that’s all that happened in May

July (the usual summer stuff happened in June, not too many exciting things other than work and hangin around)

  • The fourth of July was a great night
  • Kelsie went to Bangalore, India for four weeks and Haydyn got a job/internship in the West Loop round two (good job Haydyn) , Karolina pounds out Snake on the Lake like it’s no ones business and gets an incredible lineup, sponsor, shirts, artist, banners, and so on and I’m so proud I cried to her about it on the phone while in Lafayette at an auto shop. ( I decided that day that I wanna buy a car I can work on in my spare time… good thing? bad thing? not too sure) Chloe still hovers in Bozeman, biking up mountains during the day and hangin at Sola and her favorite coffeeshop at anyother time.
  • I went back to Alberta with my family for almost two weeks and got chased around by some grizzly bears at Helen Lake, canoed at Emerald, stayed in the Kananaskis, and pushed myself at the Wilcox Pass ( the wind was insane, saw two Rams on the other side of the hill and got some of the best photos I have ever taken. Waiting to get back). Didn’t go to Lake Agnes, saving that for another person.
  • Hannah moved out


  • spent my 20th at Purdue and Chipotle and was able to relax for five days on the front porch of a house with fantastic lighting and memories, sitting in a pool of reasons to write a letter. Listened to some good music and spent the afternoons watching Gilmore Girls for the tenth time. Now I’m onto Sex and the City
  • Got a meaningful ring from my parents
  • Saw Chloe, woo!
  • Alone this week, everyone went to school so I’m trying to think of what to do every second other than being upset about this whole Kinfolk thing, got way too much 318 in my system
  • going to the cabin next week (getaway)
  • starting classes Sept. 6th
  • the week after is snake on the lake and by that time it’ll already have been three weeks ( the start of long distance during the semester feels like forever though). Spending that night with home town friends to celebrate Karolina and her work, then getting blueberry pancakes and jumping in good ole Lake Mendota
  • Found out I’m going to Mexico in November with Connor! ( things to look forward to)


So that’s that.

I needed to clean up my house today cause we’re getting rid of a ton of “old things” from the basement. My dad brought up these boxes of stuffed animals last week and I didn’t think it’d take this long to go through them.

It’s funny because turning 20 has made me realize a lot more than I thought versus what 21 will do. 21 is nothing. I can buy a drink in Canada right now and Mexico and where ever else I’ll be traveling. 26 means I can rent a car, while traveling. 20 is a new decade. I was thinking of that time in between 10 and 20 and it seemed like it took years to get to this point of saying ten years ’til I’m 30 because we all joke around about that. My sister is already 23 and right now it seems like everything is all mushy and I need to figure out certain things with my life but I keep forgetting I still have time. That’s why days of laying in bed kill me because I don’t know the first thing I’m supposed to do today. I’m thinking about that at 4:52 pm. So I keep watching Sex and the City, I tried to bike a while today, I’ve gotten my books for school already, I’ve been figuring out more of my portfolio and resume but 20 so far just seems like it’s gunna be the most confusing/uplifting year.

So it must be a good time to go through stuffed animals from age ten too. I realized I have twelve bear stuffed animals and too many beanie babies that aren’t bears. I was pulling them out of the box and realized some things that sprung up more memories from 10-20.

Mr. Banana Head;

I won him at a carnival in upstate New York when I was really little. The game was to put two quarters on different numbers on a number line laying on a wooden counter top. The numbers went 1-10. And the man behind the counter was to spin this circle that had numbers to one hundred and if your quarters were on both the numbers in that double digit, you won. The first quarter I used I placed on number 8 and the second quarter I used was placed on number two. And I won. He spun to number 82 and gave me this gigantic banana and I was so happy.

The donkey;

My mom won this for me (was supposed to be Hannah but I was being a brat) at an amusement park super close to my old house in Pennsylvania. It’s called Dorney Park and my Uncle called it Dorkey Park which we thought was hilarious but now I understand why he called it Dorkey.


She was my sisters dog and she took her everywhere with her. She named her after the dog in Madeline I think and I guess when she turned 15 she had to choose between packing away Genevieve or Papa Bear and she chose Genevieve.

The baby panda;

When I was seven I closed the car door on my middle finger while going to get ice cream at Ice Cream Works with my dad and sister. (They had this ice cream called “Shrek” that was cotton candy blue with gummy worms inside, I thought it was so cool.) I closed it right on the lock and my dad was holding my hand, pulling me not knowing what just happened. I ended up going to the emergency room and I came home with Hannah holding a panda bear stuffed animal that I call Lili. Lili is still on my bed but when I was younger I thought Lili needed a sister so I got this smaller panda to hangout with her.

I could keep going but it’s a weird thing realizing each of these animals has a story from the last decade or two. It’s also a weird thing doing something like this within a few weeks after entering this new decade where childhood “stuff” just has to start being thrown away.

So cheers I guess to whatever comes with it and I’ll write sooner than later (she said)


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